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Content Marketing Takes Focus

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Recently launched content for Fulfillment by Amazon revealing the customer advantage seller gain with Selling on Amazon.

Back in May I took a bold step (for me anyway) and decided I was finished with my 25 hour/week commute to Seattle and ready to restart my own business and work from home. Beyond the commute, I felt my job was leading away from what I truly love to do. I love to tell stories. And I love to do it in many different ways. Obviously, writing is foremost among them. I’m still carving out time whenever I can to work on my Shadow trilogy. It’s slow going, but slow and steady wins the race.
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Interpreting Your Blog Metrics: Traffic, Pageviews, and Comments

ChartYesterday, Rachelle Gardner shared some of her most visited posts on her blog and some key learnings from her metrics. One of her learnings was summed up in this statement:

“The posts that get the most comments are NOT the same as the ones that get the most traffic. I have to be careful to avoid weighing the number of comments too heavily when assessing the relative success of various blog posts, remembering to look at the actual pageviews over longer periods of time.”

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KDP Select Promo Second Round Evaluation

I wrote this in response to¬†Emlyn Chand’s post on Novel Publicity & Co. KDP Select free day promo, round 2: Is it worth a second go-around?

I did my first promo at the end of February once I realized I only had four days left in my first quarter, so I ran all four days with little to no prep. I managed to get a plug in the FB Book Junkies promo Sunday, but the rest was just bombarding my modest following on Twitter (~220 followers) and FB (~200 friends) with info about my book (How Deep Lies the Shadow). My first lesson learned was that four days was too long for the scope of my social networking. About 80 percent of my giveaways occurred in the first two days with a significant drop off over the next two days. The first two days I hit #2 in contemporary fantasy and sci-fi. That dropped significantly over the remaining two days. The bump I saw after the promo was about 2 percent of my giveaways. The good news that was more copies sold in two days than I had sold in the past five years, so I was pleased.

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