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Novel Idea: Family Feud

One coming of age moment for every child is the day they stand up to a parent and shed their authority. I’m not talking about the toddler and preschooler who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. I’m talking about the teen years when a child suddenly realizes that his parents are not infallible. They do make mistakes and he is capable of thinking independently. For some, this is a traumatic experience. I remember being fearful of what my father would think of me if I were to challenge his authority. I was always a very agreeable child and not one to make waves. So standing up to my parents was like committing treason.

What’s your story? How did you feel when you realized you and your parents didn’t see eye to eye on something important to you? How did they react? How did it affect your relationship going forward? Share your ideas and I’ll try to work them into What Mystery Sounds the Echo. You’ll get credit if I mention your ideas of course.

Novel Idea: Dabbling with evil

I’m starting to dig deep on creating my antagonists in What Mystery Sounds the Echo. I’ve had some brief conversations on Twitter with @einmaleins who brought up a few good points. I’ll summarize here.

Should a villain scare you, make you hate him, or just piss you off? @einmaleins suggested that he prefers a villain who pisses him off. I’m assuming that being pissed off motivates him to act and rise to the threat posed by the villain.

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Novel Idea: If a car makes a man…

I like to put extra thought into the type of vehicle a character drives and how they treat it. I think a person’s automobile can tell a lot about a person. One of my new characters in What Mystery Sounds the Echo is a would-be journalist trying to make ends meet while paying alimony and child support. I figure he’d drive a second-hand car that, for plot reasons, has a lot of mechanical problems. I was going to use a 1965 Chevy Bel Air, but I realized I already used one for a character in How Deep Lies the Shadow.

Assignment: Describe a car you or someone you know owns or owned that had a lot of character, but was alway breaking down. Share your ideas and it might end up in my next novel. You get the credit of course in the acknowledgements.


A Novel Idea: Locale for an informational talk

For those following What Mystery Sounds the Echo, I’m looking for a place for our protagonist, Sean, to meet with an annoying reporter who says he has important information to share with Sean. What kind of place would you suggest such a meeting take place? If you’re familiar with Seattle, where in the north end (Freemont, Greenlake) would you hold the meeting?

A Novel Idea: How would you react to death and loss?

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve seen I’ve been writing my sequel to How Deep Lies the Shadow during my evening commutes on the train on my iPhone. Today I was exploring the reactions of different characters to the news that shortly after a loved one had died, all that person’s possessions were destroy. All of those earthly possessions that they could hold onto to remember that person were lost forever.

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