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Book 2, Draft 1—Complete!

photo-on-2012-02-12-at-1036Yesterday, I completed my first draft of What Mystery Sounds the Echo. I celebrated by shaving my beard and getting a haircut (I also have new glasses, but that has less to do with my accomplishment and more to do with my advancing years). My wife was pleased to see me rid of the facial hair and without the wings. No more jokes about the Unabomber and auditioning for the Planet of the Apes. If you hit refresh a few times, you should see before and after photos in the site masthead.

Considering how long it took me to complete How Deep Lies the Shadow, I am pleased that I was able to complete this first draft in about a year. More amazing is that 99% of the draft was written during my train commute home from Seattle to Tacoma (about an hour). Even more amazing was the fact that I wrote it entirely on my iPhone. I improvised a stand for my phone using an old, yet stylish, business card holder. I mean who uses business cards anymore? Then I hooked up a bluetooth keyboard, which I set on my lap. My app for the project was Manuscript by Black Manna Studios. All together, I typed a whopping 176,850 words, which according to Manuscript is 708 pages.

Now comes the hard part. I get to read, edit, and revise all 708 pages. And this time, I’ll be seeking more feedback from test readers and running it by a professional editor before I go to print or e-book. Let me know if you’re interested in getting a sneak peak and I might send you few chapters. If you provide helpful feedback, I’ll send you more chapters.

But first, I think I’ll take a short respite from writing and get a few more interviews done for You Can’t Judge a Book. Watch for The Small-Mart Revolution this week. I’m currently discussing a time to meet with Grammar Girl to see what she’s reading. Watch for that one in early March.