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A poem for Elanor

Elanor is my youngest daughter. She’s a hands-on kinda kid who loves to do crafts, bake, and most importantly, do Origami. She has a huge collection of papers in all colors and sizes and a library of how-to books on Origami. What she can’t find in her books, she’ll hunt down online, watching Youtube videos to figure out a new trick or two with folding paper. I’m not sure where her passion for folding paper comes from, but I think the documentary Between the Folds (check it out on Netflix. It’s fascinating.) might have helped motivate her. By the way, I threw in a bunch of origami terms if you get lost in the second stanza. These are different kinds of folds used to describe patterns. Who would have thought there would be so many words for fold the paper. Enough of my rambling, here’s my third and final Christmas poem.
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A Poem for Beth: B.A.D. Heart Art

Here’s a poem I wrote for my oldest daughter. At the age of 14 she’s developed quite an artistic eye that I’ve come to envy. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and I’m even pretty good at it. I earned a number of awards in high school, and I leverage my skills as an artist and illustrator with Caret Publications–I designed the cover of my novel, How Deep Lies the Shadow and did the layout of the entire book. But enough about me. Beth is drawing all the time. Every free moment she has is spent with a pencil and drawing pad in her hands. Her interests started with drawing manga, but she soon developed her own style of both cartoon and realistic rendering. Her dream is to own an RV and a dog and to work for Pixar Animation Studios. This poem describes her love of drawing and storytelling. I tried to follow a limerick pattern, though not all the stanzas have the same line-length. Still I think it reads well out loud. Let me know what you think.

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Trying my hand at poetry

This year for Christmas, the DeHart family decided to go low budget and make gifts. We still ended up with a pile of purchased gifts from family and friends, but the highlight of our morning was sharing with each other the gifts we had worked so hard on making for each other. Since I’ve got ink flowing through my blood, I decided to turn my pen toward poetry. I crafted three poems, one for each member of the family highlighting their interests and talents. I’d like to share those with you here.

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