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Recommended Reading: On Stranger Tides

First an update

See photos and video on Out of My Mind

See photos and video on Out of My Mind

What a week! Last Sunday we got our first few inches of snow in Olympia for 2012. (For photos see January 15 – 18 posts on Out of My Mind.) It was refreshing seeing the white stuff falling and sticking to the ground—I don’t think we’ve had a decent snowfall for a few years. Monday rolled around and we had close to a foot of snow, so I worked from home. Through the week the snow kept building. For example, on Tuesday night we cleared a foot of snow off our back deck. The next morning it looked just as it had the day before… and it was still snowing. School was closed, I was able to work in peace without my normal 60 mile commute, and we even got to go sledding out on the golf course. Then Thursday morning rolled around. I had a business call and fifteen minutes into it, the power went out. Thank God for our generator. It kicked in immediately and was running fine. Then the unthinkable happened; our cable went out. Then the generator sputtered out.

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