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Going on an Adventure

I’m off to see the Hobbit tonight. I just spent the past hour watching trailers and behind the scenes footage of the movie, and now I’m really psyched!

My oldest daughter has inherited my love for Tolkien’s works and we have convinced my wife and my younger daughter to join us. I expect mixed reactions from them. They are less interested in fantasy and are sensitive to violence. My hope is they will see beyond the warfare and monsters to the richly developed characters and fantastic mythology that Tolkien has created and Peter Jackson has painstakingly brought to life.

Tolkien has by far been one of the greatest influences in my passion for storytelling. I put a little bit of Middle Earth into all my writing, often drawing on archetypical characters found in the Hobbit or the Lord of the Ring. Many readers have quickly identified that Cyrus Blake is a sort of modern-day Gandalf. He has a proclivity for performing prestidigitation on the fly that I liken to Gandalf’s fascination with fireworks. There’s a magic in his illusions, though it’s veiled by his deliberate attempts to place it right in front of your face, challenging you to question your own eyes and figure out “how’d he do that?”

I’ll let you know how the family takes our journey to Middle Earth. There’s still a chance they may not join us. We’ve had some late nights this week and we have a busy weekend ahead of us, so there’s no promise that all will come. My hope is that like Bilbo, they will be drawn by an insatiable urge to go on an adventure.


How Deep Lies the Shadow – 15 – Infiltration

How Deep Lies the Shadow - Chapter 14 - Shadow Queen

Chapter 15 - Infiltration

The great part about being an introvert is that writing scenes with a single point of view comes easy. When I start bringing my cast of characters together, capturing the best point of view can be a challenge. Having two characters share one body increases the challenge. Terra’s still lingering in Kirsten’s body and she has control. But when control of the body starts switching back and forth, who’s doing what? Who’s saying what?

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How Deep Lies the Shadow – 14 – Shadow Queen

How Deep Lies the Shadow - Chapter 14 - Shadow Queen

Chapter 14 - Shadow Queen

OK, I’m blushing. This first scene with Kirsten might be tame by Hollywood standards, but for me, trying get inside the mind of a woman being controlled by another woman, trying to seduce an older man–not only is it erotic, but somewhat confusing. Kirsten’s already demonstrated her proclivity for one night stands. But how does she feel when it’s someone else hitting on the man in her body? Hmm. Double standard? You decide.

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How Deep Lies the Shadow – 13 – Alliance

How Deep Lies the Shadow - Chapter 12 - Neverborn

Chapter 13 - Alliance

In Alliance, we begin to see our three main characters coming together. At the same time, they find themselves in compromising positions that require aligning themselves with the wrong people. Sean is mistaken for his doppelganger, which proves advantageous for him as it gives him a chance to learn what he’s up to. In this scene I introduce an animalistic cult that played a bigger part in the earlier drafts. I had to trim much of it because it was going off on tangents that betrayed the direction of the story. Hmm. I wonder if I should revive it in What Mystery Sounds the Echo?

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