How Deep Lies the Shadow

It all began when Sean got a birthday greeting on his answering machine from his father—who had been dead for more than 30 years.

Night and day are worlds apart.

An ancient conflict is about to erupt between the two.

With the autumnal equinox comes a shift in power. Creatures long banished to the abyss emerge in strength battling for control. When Sean Glynn stumbles headlong into the conflict, he nearly pays with his life. Headstrong and independent, Sean is reluctant to pledge his allegiance to any but himself. Who can he trust? The gang leader who keeps popping out of the shadows when least expected? His estranged sister turned born-again believer? The biker whose prestidigitation goes beyond mere sleight of hand? Their stories are unbelievable, but someone is telling the truth. Sean becomes entangled with others who have been caught up in the turmoil. Kirsten is haunted by a phantom lover. Tim watches his daughter transform into a nightmarish creature that only he can see. This reluctant trio faces an impossible task that can sway the balance between light and dark. If they can make it through the ordeal alive, they will discover How Deep Lies the Shadow.


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